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Watch Avatar: The Legend of Korra Online Free

Avatar: The Legend of Korra is a sequel to the Last Airbender. IN this world Aang has recently died and a new Avatar, named Korra, has been born. The world has changed a lot since views watched Aang take out the Fire Lord, but at the same time it feels oddly familiar. This time the avatar is born into the Water Tribe, and unlike Aang, Korra is very confident in her abilities, almost too much to the point it gets her in trouble. Due to her behavior she has trouble mastering the element of Air so she is taken to Republic City to train under the previous Avatars son. As soon as she gets there she starts getting into trouble. Watch all the action here in this sequel and marvel at the new animation and how it really looks awesome in action.

Watch Avatar: The Legend of Korra Online Free


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